Auch Spammer/Phisher gehen mit der Zeit ....

      Auch Spammer/Phisher gehen mit der Zeit ....

      ... wen wundert es auch.

      Wie bei den meisten wandern bei mir entsprechende Mails ungelesen nach /dev/null, aber in diesem Fall wurde ich anhand des "Absenders" dann doch neugierig, ob es was zu Lachen gäbe und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht.

      From: Ms. Melania Trump



      OK, das üben wir noch mal, kleiner Tipp, "Käpt'n CAPS und seine LOCK-Crew" sind schon lange nicht mehr in.

      Aber dann ...

      Donald John Trump is an American businessman and the President-elect of the United States, he has pleaded with the whole world who voted him in for a compensation notice.
      My Husband is doing this for the world cause of his happiness concerning the presidential Election that took place on the date of (08/11/2016).
      I am Mrs Melania Trump ,am the wife of the new president Mr Donald John Trump. we are offering the sum of $ 200,000.00 ( USD) to the whole world who has contributed on the election that took place on the date of 08/11/2016.
      My husband has assured the whole people in the world who has voted him in to stand a chance of receiving the sum $200,000.00 ( USD). the amount will be delivered to you through the Speed Height Delivery Service or the DHL service or even Fedex courier service.
      The office will not charge any much fees on the delivery but just the registration fees as noted amount is ( $ 127 USD ) must be paid to an agent who based here in the U.S.A. once the payment is done, the tracking code will be given to you immediately.So try and fill the below details of you and your families members who also voted, they are all allowed to receive this funds too. please contact me to my direct email address ( more information.
      First name :
      Last name :
      Address :
      City :
      Country :
      Zip code :
      Age :
      Mobile number :
      Next of king :
      Mother's middle name :

      Once we have the above info, then you will be give the Money Gram payment information on where to send the above sum before the delivery will be registered.
      NOTE : you are not to send any penny after the first payment and you are also not to share your cash with any agent once the delivery is done.
      Just make sure you do not delay to fill the receiver's info, this is very important and you must do this within the next 48 hours cause we have just 2 months to get the whole money sent to whom so ever has complied with the massage.

      Thanks.Mrs Melania Trump.

      Zugegeben, das hat was, wie man doch aus einem nigerianischen Prinzen durch Änderung einiger Textbausteine einen zukünftigen Präsidenten basteln kann ist schon faszinierend.

      Da kann man nur sagen

      "Make Phishing GREAT again ....."


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