mpi under Suse Leap 15.1


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Hi everybody, anybody,
I am currently, after a break of several years, trying to compile and run my fortran program with mpi under Suse 15.1 leap. Openmpi would not even install, but mpich did. However, it is a problem. First, it was missing a few include files, but I got them from older installation. Now it compiles using mpif77, but refuses to link, as the loader is missing 2 libraries, lmpi and lmpifort. Well, they are there, in .../mpi/gcc/lib64 . I tried anything, editing, adding a file in /etc/ , exporting path LD_LIBRARY_PATH, editing /etc/profile and .bashrc, copying the libraries into /lib64 and /usr/lib64, writing a Makefile that specifies the libraries and finally symbolic link to - what? The paths have changed, and I do not really know where or how to link, the guessing game did not work. Earlier I was running configure, but now I am lost. Please help, anybody !!